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Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment

What has all this to do with the spirit? What this means for us is that any of us, as a unique entity, may leave this earthly mass simply by changing function. Nothing is pulling us down. When we begin expanding and cease contracting, we automatically cease being propelled toward matter—we are free in permeative space.

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In , it wound up at Bantam Books, where it blossomed and eventually reached the end of its run in It immediately was heralded as major philosophical work by Richard Ram Dass Alpert, and Alan Watts, who read passages from the pamphlet edition out-loud to their flocks. Though the Guide inspired many to write spiritual books, it was a unique phenomenon for its time, and remains today.

Golas purposely avoided discussing themes which had been covered by other spiritual authors, and focused instead on exposing his own ideas. Judging a Book and its cover: The font originally used by the author for the text was Baskerville.

In , DeRay Norton, his publisher at the Seed Center in Palo Alto, opted to have the typeface reset without telling Golas, after Norton was convinced by a printer to spend more money on a new font. This proved his fears to be founded. The Bantam edition lacked the durability and the impact of the previous release.

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  7. Golas had even less control of the Gibbs Smith release. Foreign translations of The Guide were also problematic. The intersecting and overlapping circles may evoke the permeability of space, energy and matter. The font chosen by Golas on the cover of his book is a now defunct variant of a Caslon Old Face whose closest relative is presently Caslon Antique, or Casablanca Antique.

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    All three mandalas were restored from traditional engravings by architect Klaus Rothe for The Seed Center. The book contains three extra, unpublished chapters that were written by the author in later years. Even though some of these activities, like self-denial, are carried on under the banner of spiritual search, the result is the same.

    On a subtle level we know that most spiritual endeavors will not succeed, but we go on maintaining the fantasy that they are admirable. Many of us have no intention of really succeeding in dissolving our attachment to structure and going to another plane of existence. Conversely in this same chapter, Golas specifically points the way toward dissolving the unwanted structures that have become useless and redundant habits that secure us to our present consciousness.

    One must accept the present situation fully before being able to move beyond.

    Throughout The Guide , Thaddeus Golas continues to define the concept of love as a tool for self elevation. The author points out that many who take long arduous spiritual paths may have no serious intention of achieving enlightenment, because elevation often means vibrating out of sync with our environment.

    Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment : Thaddeus Golas :

    How painful is a transition OUT of the physical realm? A commitment to the process can be as simple as an affirmation, a word or short phrase that is easily remembered. Golas gives many simple phrases throughout the guide and lists his favorites at the end. He wrote extensively on the nature of consciousness from the idea expressed in this maxim. Such resistance from the New Age industry kept his writing from being published.

    Love and Pain , which explores these ideas, is published posthumously by Seed Center Books of California.