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Auteur: Bradley P. Carlin Thomas A. Co-auteur: Thomas A. Samenvatting Broadening its scope to nonstatisticians, Bayesian Methods for Data Analysis, Third Edition provides an accessible introduction to the foundations and applications of Bayesian analysis. Toon meer Toon minder. Recensie s I would recommend this book to somebody who is learning Bayesian methods and it would also be useful for those with more experience. It should sit alongside other good Bayesian book in anybody's collection.

In the third edition, the authors directly integrate WinBUGS and R routines into their presentation of Bayesian methods and provide some new material along the way, in particular, an excellent discussion of Bayesian design. In summary, I think this is a very worthy edition and I highly recommend it as a textbook, and for people who deal with biostatistics problems regularly as a good introduction into the literature.

Libraries which have the second edition are encouraged to buy this edition as well. All the essential topics are covered Throughout the text one can find good practical advice on various implementation issues, and there is a whole chapter dedicated to case-studies. The chapter on Bayesian design provides very good coverage of some clinical trial design ideas that are receiving a considerable amount of interest in the pharmaceutical industry currently.

This book, by two very experienced and knowledgeable Bayesians, is a valuable contribution to the growing literature on the practical application of Bayesian methods. A strength of this book is the numerous detailed examples that accompany the material in the text. Religious counselling.

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Current Trends in Bayesian Methodology with Applications

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Current Trends in Bayesian Methodology with Applications

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