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The Templar's Quest

You can find the book near Cassandra at her training grounds in Skyhold. From the tree, run 6 paces east through the door to the soldiers armory. Next, go up two flights of wooden stairs to the third floor above the soldiers armory.

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The book is on a stool next to the bedroll. The screenshot below shows the map of the area, and the red circles indicate where you can find them. Multiple Philters may drop per marked area, so you may not have to visit them all. However, it may take multiple hunting trips to kill enough enemies to farm all three units. If you don't want to collect it yourself, you can run the Emerald Graves Resources mission from the war map with Leliana. However, due to the high number of units you need, it may take a long time if you don't collect most of them yourself.

After assembling the ingredients, you can assemble the standard at any requisition table, then deliver it to resolve the quest. Afterward, you can choose to commit to being a Templar. If you decline, you can come back and commit to it later as long as you haven't committed to either of the others. To the South of the Hall, there are the Upper Barracks.

You can get there by taking the door on the ground floor or, on the balconies above M11,1s. Explore the barracks and, at the same time, eliminate the demons and the infected Templars. In the area, there are two veterans M11,1t - one of them is on the ground floor, in the North-Eastern part of the barracks, and one on the upper floor. After you reach each one, help him eliminate the hostile creatures and listen to a short conversation. Note - You do not need to explore the barracks that thoroughly right now. You can do that later on, i. Also in this case, you can decide whether you want to take the passage on the ground floor or the one on the balconies above M11,1u.

Similarly, be prepared to fight monsters and try not to take too long. I recommend that you, first, reach the last, third veteran M11,1t. He is staying on a large balcony on the upper level and also in this case, you need to help him fight a small group of monsters. Go to the ground floor now and take the door in the middle, in the main yard. This way, you will get to Lucius' private chamber, where you meet Cole and find the Lord Seeker's Key. Apart from that, it is a good idea to explore the chamber thoroughly because, what you can find here, is a big chest with valuable loot. Exit Lucius' chamber and head towards the door a bit to the West.

Since you already have the key, you can open it and gain access to a new chamber. Climb up the stairs and locate the Lyrium Cache M11,1w. You can now head back to the Great Hall M11,1r. I recommend that you start by opening the Supply Cache. Then, talk to Barris , after which a big battle, in the Great hall, ensues. Your task is to eliminate the infected Templars , who cross the magical barriers on a regular basis M11,1x.

You need to keep fighting up until the energy bar of the barrier, which you can see on the screen, depletes completely. I recommend that you pay attention to the deployment of the party members, during the battle and, e.

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Otherwise, he remains alive. Regardless of the course of the action, thanks to deactivating the magic barriers grants you access to the den of the Envy Demon M11,1y. Head Westwards but, before you climb the stairs, take a look around for another Supply Cache. Entering the den starts a short cutscene and starts the battle with the Envy Demon. How difficult fighting the Envy Demon is going to be to you, depends on the development level of your party, because this will affect the damage that they take.

Regardless of how strong they are, remember to change positions frequently, because the green markings on the ground mean that spikes will spring up here, in a moment. The Envy Demon himself does not have too vast an array of attacks at his disposal, but his attacks are sufficiently damaging and annoying. First of all, try to keep the ranged party members away from the monster. Also, try to spread them over a vaster area, because the demon tends to use AoE attacks which, apart from damage they deal, make your party members get into a panic.

Apart from that, you need to keep in mind that the enemy will move around the entire arena so, follow his position, on a regular basis. You can use all sorts of attacks to deal damage to the Envy Demon. OF course, you can try to slow him down, deal damage from fire or lightning. Of course, keep an eye on the health bars of your party and heal them whenever they sustain damage, and bring them back to life after their health bars deplete.

After you deprive the demon of a quarter of his health, he hides behind a barrier and sends a group of infected Templars your way.

Defeating the Templars is not difficult. Later into the battle, the Envy Demon takes on the form of your character, which under no circumstances means changing the tactic.

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Continue using the same attacks that you did. Keep fighting up until you kill the Envy Demon and, after the victory, remember to search the body to collect a legendary weapon , among others. Try to leave the arena and you will meet the Templars. If Barris survived, it is him that you will talk to.

Otherwise, you will talk to Fletcher. During the conversation, you will have to take an important decision it has been presented in the above screenshot.

You can:. After you return to the war room in Haven , listen to the conversations. One of them will be interrupted by Cole entering the room. You need to decide whether to take Cole into the party or try to kill him this will end in a failure - he will erase that memory from the minds of the party members. I recommend, of course, that you allow him join the party. This is the end of this long quest.

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Main storyline quests. Champions of the Just siding with templars. Table of Contents. In spite of Lucius's brusque mannerism you should not give up the potential alliance with the Templars. After you meet with Lord Abernache reach the staying place of Barris. Interact with the knobs to raise the flags that you choose. You need to defeat Denam and the rest of the infected Templars.

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Keep killing the archers. Join the fighting Templars. Climb up the stairs to meet with Lucius. Avoid the green flames. Talk to Cole. The spot where you meet Cole and kindle fire. Watch out for the green signs of danger. Talk to Barris before you head out to find the veterans and the lyrium cache. One of the veterans at the barracks. The last veteran. The place where you find the key. The lyrium cache. Ranged characters may attack the Templars while standing on the scaffoldings.

Before you head out to the lair of the Envy Demon, heal a little. The boss' successful AoE attacks may paralyze your party, for a moment - avoid such situations. Defeat the Templars. Ignore the changes in the demon's looks and use the same attacks. It is a good decision to include Cole into the party.